There is so much saturated, meaningless music out right now. The world lost Prince yesterday and it was kind of scary realizing that WHOA, we used to have icons like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston while now kids have…Future. Now I’m not saying that I can’t get down with the best of the ratchets but it just seems like we are losing that powerful and authentic sound music used to have. Music that meant something. Music that disclosed the struggles that artists and people went through.

Well if you have been feeling like this too I wanted to give you a list of upcoming bands/artists that you should definitely have in your rotation and give true inspiration to us all:

The Internet – I LOVE THIS BAND. Their vibe is so smooth. The soul band is consisted of members from Odd Future (Tyler the Creator’s label) and just released their latest album Ego Death, which reminds me of like a sunny Sunday afternoon riding through the canyons with your friends or something. It’s just that amazing and relaxing. In an interview with VIBE they talk about their personal struggles to being confident in this space of music but learning to let go and just evolved over time.

“We have really just learned how to take things into our own hands and control our own destinies.” – Matt Martians, founding member

  • My personal favs: Special Affair, Girl, Something’s Missing

Logic – Logic is a bi-racial rapper from Maryland that is totally underrated. I first found out about him through a friend and have been a fan ever since. Recently, we traveled to San Diego to see his tour for the latest album The Incredible True Story. It reminded me of how a throwback 90’s rap concert would be – standing in a room filled with sweaty people, jumping and down and yelling the lyrics to songs uncontrollably. It was so intense! But what amazes me more is that Logic literally started from nothing, coming from a dysfunctional home and no high school degree.

“I was determined and persistent to solve the Rubik’s cube; I did it. I was determined and persistent to do mixtapes and albums and tours, to do I what I love every day, and I did it.” – Interview with Complex

Logic definitely sends a message of persistence and staying true to your dreams in his music and is a huge inspiration.

  • My personal favs: Fade Away, Under Pressure, Never Been

Andra Day – I’ve been hearing so much about Andra Day lately and I finally decided to check her out. After getting past that she looks like Rihanna’s long lost twin (it’s really creepy haha) I started to really love her jazzy sound. As she continues to rise to the top, I love and connect with her story about how she realized the road to your dreams is no easy thing.

“I was living with my mother in a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego; I wasn’t working; I had no income. I was at rock bottom.” – Interview with Evening Standard

But her love for real music pushed her to keep chasing that dream and now she has sung with Stevie Wonder, released her debut album and has been to the White House. Umm talk about KILLIN IT.

  • My personal fav: Cheers to the Fall

I feel that good music is trying to make a comeback and it’s inspiring to see artists who started from nothing and created their own realities. What are some of your favorite underrated artists right now?

-Alaina Nicole