My Story

When I first graduated college I had my life plan mapped out to the very tee (I was going to work at a large public relations firm, move to Atlanta and marry my baller at 26 of course). Almost 2 years and no baller later I was still stuck in Dallas, working at a daycare center, losing friends,totally insecure and sleeping on an air mattress in my mother’s apartment living room.

I was broke and broken…AS HELL

During those dark and confusing times I realized that the only way I could win at this adulting thing was to surrender control and work on myself from the inside out. So that’s what I did. I found things that made me happy, gave my best to smelly kids, appreciated VERY close family times and slowly but surely things started to come together.

Just because things don’t go your way in the moment doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessary part of your success story.

Now I’m working at a public relations firm in Las Vegas, still single (catch me on the next season of how to catch a baller because I’m not giving up), and still on this journey to living life with purpose and passion.

My Glow Up started on that air mattress in my mother’s living room when I decided to change how I saw myself on the inside and out. It started when I made a decision to take control of my thoughts and actions instead of letting life dictate how I felt.It started when I stopped letting a job or people define me. It started when I began to uncover the light that was already placed in me..And this my friend, is what I hope to help you discover too.

Whether finding your dream job or uncovering your purpose, The Glow Up is your safe haven & your community to admit that things actually are actually cray after college.You ready? #letsglow
I want to help you find what’s already inside of you. Muhfuggin awesomeness.