5 Piss Poor Money Habits You’re Probably Still Making From College


Admit it already.

For the most part, college was “the best four years of your life” like they said it would be.

You got to be around all your friends constantly, turned up at Greek parties and took hella NAPS. Matter of fact, I would go back to college just for the midday naps, do ya hear me?

You didn’t realize how great you had it back then.

But in the last semester of undergrad, you rushed that ish like Chris Brown making another mediocre album. Just wanted it to be done.

Your mindset wasn’t ready for the real world. Neither were your pockets.

And although you have tried to man up in this adulting life, there are just some crazy bad habits you never let go of when you graduated.

I know you’re struggling fam, but the good news is that you don’t have to any longer.

The Reason You Absolutely Must Break Up With Bad Habits

What if I told you that if you got rid of these habits, you would bust down the door of mediocrity and into an incredible, joyful life?

Well you can, you know.

The key to becoming happier isn’t more money, but more growth.

The key to becoming happier isn't more money, but more growth. Click To Tweet

At my desk I have two plants that I received as gifts. One is a small cactus in a cute little shoe and the other is a tiny ficus plant I stole from a wedding I worked once. (I only took one, ya’ll).

When I received the cactus, I didn’t water it for months and caused it to turn brown and die. Seeing the damage I did to that cactus, I vowed to take care of  my little ficus tree. With very low maintenance, that plant surprised me as it stretched it’s branches far beyond the pot I received it in.

God has given you incredible significance and power. Making you exactly in his image, you could do DAMAGE if you truly nurtured what was inside of you.

bad habits money

But like ignoring that cactus, you’ve formed some bad habits along the way that are keeping your dreams dead. Your goals are making no progress. You’re unfulfilled and living miserably average.

If only you let go of what was comfortable.

If only you watered your life so that it could grow beyond the small thinking pot you are operating out of.

I need you to see that mastering money isn’t about the mula at all. It’s about believing in your personal worth to this world.

And it just so happens that these five habits are getting in the way of that.

5 Money Habits Keeping You Stuck, Broke and Left Behind

How many of these habits are you guilty of?

#1. Balling Out With Your Entire Check

Every semester you slept by your phone, waiting for that refund check to hit your account. And like a real boss should, you used every drop of it (well, nvm real bosses shouldn’t do that). Maybe 6% went to books and something responsible but the rest went completely to the alcohol you could display on top of the fridge, shopping sprees and travel trips.

Unfortunately, this is what got you in debt and you are still trying to be about that life.

Each time your paycheck hits your account you use it up, crawling to the next payday. You’re like a contestant in a hot dog contest that stuffs food down his throat before the timer goes off.  Just rushing to use it all up.

But not understanding where your money is going is keeping you in chains. Look at your accounts frequently. Make a budget and review it at least once a week. Start to create a game plan that includes having money left over.

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#2. Constant Company In Your Space

I love hosting a good kick back or movie night. In fact, in college it seemed like someone was always over the house just chilling. But as I got more serious about my desires to live an excellent life, I realized that constantly filling my schedule with other people was keeping  me from focusing on my own goals.

I tend to relax on money when I’m around a bunch of people, so cutting back on how much time I give has tremendously changed my focus.

Bad money habits

Start being picky with your time (especially with those who bring no value to you). It’s NOT selfish. This will not only save money but will allow you the space to grow into who you want to be without too many distractions or opinions.

#3. Your Drift Into the ‘I Don’t Feel Like It’ Syndrome

Your emotions are running your life.

The difference between many

of us and most long-term millionaires is that they work when they don’t feel like it. And we sit watching Netflix.

In college, it was like pulling teeth to get me to do the things I didn’t feel like doing. I looked at it as torture but now I see it as discipline.

Your goals with money and with life aren’t going to appear if you work when you feel like it.

Lately, I’ve been doing this 5-Second rule countdown by life coach Mel Robbins, to help change my state when I feel the laziness creep in. Watch this video of her explaining the power of 5 seconds and try to use it when your next emotional episode comes:

#4. Giving Up Before You Reach the Finish Line

The truth is that giving up is due to a lack of confidence in the task you are committing to. You secretly say things like:

“It’s too much work,” and “It won’t happened anyway” to justify your reasons for choosing to be average.

In college, I gave up on a lot of opportunities because they got too hard. Are you focusing on what you think you can’t accomplish rather than the life-changing experiences you will feel once you get your ish together?

I learned a term called the Competent/Confidence loop that helps with this.

Most times, we have so much doubt and fear because we simply don’t know how to be successful at it. Like how can I be a millionaire if I don’t understand budgets and investments? So we abandon action.

The loop occurs when you seek to become skilled in the task you’re afraid of. As I took classes, read books and practiced budgeting I got really good at it and my confidence grew. As a result, I wanted to learn even more (that’s the loop).


Stare at the thing you’re afraid to start and begin learning all about it. Next, take action. As you grow stronger in your talents and ideas you will seek to learn even more.

#5. Your Commitment to Fast Food

Living on campus was amazeballs. But it gave me a firsthand seat to Diabetes Ln. with Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Panda Express and more. My meal plan was clutch through every starving night after studying. Not even thinking about costs, I swiped my card to indulge in fatty meal after fatty meal.

Unfortunately, those swipes transferred over to my actual debit/credit cards too. I was so used to running to get something fast when I didn’t feel like cooking. I spent most of my money eating out.

Go. To. The. Store.

bad habits money

Studies show that we (millennials) spend almost $3,000 a year on fast food alone. ALONE. Not bringing your lunch to work and the constant happy hours are hurting our pockets in the worst way.

To avoid this, I spent an afternoon rounding up all the recipes that got me excited to cook. When you look forward to whipping it in the kitchen, it makes it easier to go shopping and get the meals in formation. Here are some of ideas I’m about to try:

Skillet Roasted Chicken

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Noodles with Almond Sauce


The best day to shop is actually Saturday so that you can spend Sunday preparing your meals for the week. 

Stop Avoiding the Painful Moments

By always having someone over or a meeting to rush to, it didn’t leave me much time to deal with the painful moments in my life. In college, I learned to avoid the truth behind why I ran to shopping or eating to fill my empty spaces.

Ignoring the reason why you make bad choices will keep you in the same hamster wheel of mistakes.

I know money is frustrating but bad habits are costing you way more than your late fees.

Your thinking will lead you to two very real outcomes:

  1. You will stay stuck in a life that is comfortable, meaningless and unfulfilling
  2. You will thrive in a life that is challenging, laced with miracles, peace and transformation

The bottom line is that God is waiting for you to put your foot on the gas pedal so he can steer you straight to your destiny. I know you just want to have fun. I know you miss the easy days of college. But life is so much bigger than those four years of your life.

Don’t you think it’s worth it to find out?

How to Afford a Vacation You Will Remember For a Lifetime


Wouldn’t it be amazing to go on a vacation without worrying about the lack of commas in our bank account?

Too bad that’s never, ever how we 20-somethings travel.

After scraping change together for your Spirit plane ticket, pay your part of the Airbnb and buy cheap fast food, there’s honestly not much left for real fun.

You thought it would be cool to just wing it but there’s no good Groupon deals and showing up to the club at 9:30 p.m. to make guest lists are getting tired.

So here you are in a beautiful place but unable to fully enjoy it because your coins are tight.

You think to yourself “Why did I agree to this trip,” pulling out the credit card once again. You even avoid checking your bank account because you just don’t want to see the damage.

Your Snapchat stories are lit though.


So many of us are living it up on trips without a dime to our name when we get back from the vacation.

The truth is that traveling isn’t a bad thing but these brokecations are keeping you stuck in the same paycheck to paycheck pattern.

And the sad part is that the majority of us are doing it.

The Amazing Good News  for the Broke & Traveled 

Most old white money mavericks would tell you that if you want to get control of your money then you need to cut out traveling completely.

But considering that 6 out 10 youngins rather spend their money on travel vs. material things show that we truly value our vacations.

The good news is that means you don’t have to cut out traveling altogether.

The bad (actually this is good too) news is that you can’t go to everybody’s Stella Got Her Groove Back trips.

Oh, and while I’ve got you here – it’s time to let go of Spring Breaks, ya’ll. If you are a full fledged, grown, rent-paying adult (minus my teachers), there is no reason you should still be going to South Padre. Let it goooo, fam.

So reality is that even with debt you can enjoy a couple well-thought out trips. Just don’t get crazy.


Here’s how.

9 Travel Hacks to Help You Spend Less (But Enjoy More)


Although I’m still rocking hard on my debt-free journey, I budgeted about four trips that I absolutely don’t regret including a cruise, Chicago, Austin and Seattle.

Breaking bad money habits isn’t about living a miserable life, it’s about creating boundaries and discipline for yourself.

Breaking bad money habits is about creating boundaries and discipline. Click To TweetSo with a million hours of research and some trial and error, here are my top nine hacks for planning a vacation you won’t forget:

#1. Say the magic word


Most of us don’t budget period, let alone budget for a vacation. But you should be planning your costs way ahead of your actual trip to keep control of your spending.

Not having a budget is like driving to a destination without your GPS. You might get to your destination out of luck and the grace of God but it will take you much longer. You will get lost, be stressed and want to just turn around.

Use a budget to know exactly how much you have to work with in case you overspend a little. Sit down and make one before your book this trip. PROMISE ME.

#2. Travel to places that friends live

From continuing education to new jobs, someone is always moving away. If you’re looking for a getaway but want to dodge hotel costs look for friends who live in places you have always wanted to visit and crash their couches.

**Disclaimer: Only do this if you actually have a relationship with the person. I can’t tell you how annoying it is for someone to hit me up about staying with me in Vegas when I literally talked to them 13 years ago in gym class. It’s rude. Stop doing that.

On the flip side my friends stay in pretty awesome cities like Austin, D.C., Chicago and Atlanta. Staying with them has definitely been a life saver when I need a quick getaway.

#3. Wait until the last minute

I am the queen of last minute traveling. First and foremost, the best days to book a flight are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays. I always play with the prices when it comes to cheaper airlines like Frontier, Spirit or even American because I know the price will come down. My only advice is not to wait TOO long. I usually watch until I’m about 2-3 weeks out on my trip.

*Bonus tip: If you are looking to get a cheaper airline, go to the airport and buy the ticket at the counter. Their prices are usually $30-$40 cheaper then what they advertise online.

#4. Pick places with long layovers

So my goal is to go to South Africa as my debt-free gift to myself when this is all said and done. Although it’s going to take four years of course, I have to began playing around with prices. When looking at flights, I noticed that the cheapest ones had crazy long layovers in different cities. I absolutely hate layovers but thought about how cool it would be to double-dip into another city or country during my trip to South Africa.

Google flights is my go-to. For example, I looked up a flight to Cape Town and one of the cheapest options offered a 13 hour layover in Atlanta.


Vacation travel hacks

Now  usually that would sound awful but if you want to travel internationally it could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can also enter dates you want to travel and Google flights will give you a price estimate for major cities all over the world. I randomly typed in dates for July 7-July 16:

Vacation travel hacks


London is the cheapest (due to the ones who must not be named) but it still shows a variety of options to choose from.

#5. All-inclusives

People are sleeeep on all-inclusives. Instead of trying to take care of your adventure piece by piece, look into a cruise or hotel all-inclusive that provides everything. This April, I took a cruise to Cozumel and it was probably the best vacation I have ever been on. It was affordable and I was able to pay for the trip in increments which helped me balance my budget each month. Even when we landed in Cozumel, we chose to do an all-inclusive beach that included all-you-can eat food and drink and access to a lot of cool activities. Try Hotel.com for resorts that have all-inclusive options.

#6. Plan a photoshoot

If you are anything like my friends, you stay ready for a photo shoot, anytime. Anywhere. For a fun and free outing, research a place with cool murals or backgrounds that you could take photos with. I usually Google “cool places in  (city)” or “most instagrammed place in (city).”


Vacation travel hacks


#7. Plan a group cooking night

When traveling, food can rack up pretty fast. A fun way to cut costs but still enjoy is to have a family-style cooking night with the crew. This is especially great if you are staying in an Airbnb. Pick a theme like Mexican or Italian and have each person make a dish. It’s so easy to spend a lot of money at expensive restaurants in touristy parts of the city so this is a great way to dodge that.

#8. Travel off season and after holidays

Off-seasons and after holidays are the cheapest time to travel. Based off the interwebs, here is a list of suggested places to go:

Winter – December – February: New York City,and Atlanta are big during this time for obvious reasons (BURR). But because it’s cold there are great discounts on attractions and experiences around the city. Also, surprisingly Honolulu is cheap during this time as people are settling down from holidays.

SpringMarch – May: Alaska, Chicago and Washington D.C. are all recovering from harsh winters but have not been greeted by summer yet. This is the perfect time to travel for a dip in hotel prices.

Summer June – August: Beijing and Sydney might not be a choice for travelers looking for hot weather but it’s the perfect time to maximize on low rates. You won’t be freezing like a popscicle but plan to bring a jacket.

FallSeptember – November: Orlando and Jamaica are great because the kids are back in school so travel has slowed down to destinations like Disney World and the beach. In addition, Cape Town and Las Vegas also starts to slow down in November which may be a great time for hotel rates.

#9. Use a CityPASS

This thing is sooo legit. If you are traveling to one of the cities that CityPASS partners with, I would definitely use it. A CityPASS bundles tourist attractions together for one price that allows you to visit a variety of popular places around the city. You’re not only saving money but are able to get out and have experiences that you may not have been able to afford before. I am for sure going to use one in Seattle.

Travel Smarter, Be Happy

Securing the bag has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the freedom to be able to live the life you dream.

Securing the bag has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the freedom Click To Tweet

While you are making the right decisions toward your money goals, carefully planned travel trips mean so much more when you know you aren’t breaking the bank to enjoy them.

Just imagine: waking up to the sounds of the beach, a mimosa by your bedside and peace in your heart because you’re still taking care of your ish.

Try some of these hacks and you wills till be able to create memories that will last a life time.



How To Powerfully Crush FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) When You’re a Social Junkie


Just admit it already, being responsible and saving money is lame AF.

 As much as you know you shouldn’t be swiping that card or ignoring Sallie Mae’s phone calls, you just can’t help but to sacrifice your bank account balance for a good time.

Yes, you’re tired of crawling to your paycheck each pay period. But scrolling past the happy hours and group travel trips on Instagram is met with legit doubt.

Is this even worth it?

Because right now going out with your friends sound much better than sitting at home thinking about all the people who are having fun without you.

You know you should be focused. But slowly you forget the commitment you made to chill out while you are digging yourself out of that money pit.

It’s a bad case of the FOMO’s (Fear of Missing Out), and you are on your death bed with it.

The Really Real Reality of Why People Suffer from FOMO

While on this journey to doing better, you’ve probably battled through these thoughts like me:

  • It’s not fair that I have to do all this to save some coins.
  • I feel really alone/ No one understands my decision.
  • This takes WAY too much effort.
  • I hope people don’t label me as the cheap friend or too serious.
  • Meh, I’ll just try next time.

Sacrifice is hard. When I decided to go all in on saving and slaying the debt, I became really insecure about it.

I knew people thought I was doing the most. I felt so alone because each refresh of my Snapchat or Facebook feed reminded me that everyone was living the life – without me.

I was the girl that never missed a function. I had to be where the action was in case something amazing happened. You know like stuntin on some old haters, my exes or meeting a potential bae (especially for that).

So although I knew staying at home was smarter, it sucked.

But I’m not the only one. The truth is that most of us suffer when we feel that people are partaking in activities that exclude us.

Most of us suffer when we feel that people are partaking in activities that exclude us. Click To Tweet

In other words, ain’t nobody got time to be looking like a square and feeling outcasted like this:


What people suggest to cure FOMO (And why it doesn’t work)

From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, we swallow ourselves with what people are doing.

FOMO is a PEST because it tricks us. We start to feel guilty that we rather be out sharing appetizers instead of staring at another episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

So what do people suggest to focus and fix this guilt?

Put ya phone down like my auntie Erykah says.

But that can’t be the ultimate solution. Yes, a social media break is healthy but completely ignoring the world is NOT going to erase your need to belong and have a good time. Those dancing selfies and overhead food shots will be waiting to destroy you as soon as you get back on.

5 Major keys to Staying Focused on your goal when FOMO appears

The gag is this: most experiences we feel that we absolutely can’t live without are the ones we regret wasting our time on. It’s not about limiting yourself altogether but to pick ways to create balance and peace when you see others having fun.

For mentally pep talking yourself into beast mode you can:

Get Turnt To a Personal Money Playlist

I have a playlist that can instantly lift my mood, no matter how much wine I’ve cried over that night.

Studies show that when we listen to certain music we love, our brain instantly releases the pleasure hormone dopamine.

For example, have you ever been in a club, holding up the wall or suffering in the corner because your heels have eaten the skin under your feet? It sucksss right? But when the DJ plays that perfect song (probs a hymn from our dearest Future), your state automatically changes.

At that point it doesn’t matter how boring it was or how bad your feet hurt. This is your jam and you’re ready to risk it all.

That’s exactly what your money playlist will do too. Pick out songs that will change your state so that you can begin to focus back on the goal.

Here’s a list to get you started:


Create a Wins Folder

To keep the momentum going, create a “wins” folder in your phone. As you start to see the numbers come down, screen shot the balance in your bank account and save it as a reminder that this ain’t your first rodeo.

This exercise is powerful because as you replay those wins in your head, they will become way more powerful than a burger slider on a Wednesday night.

It’s like a visual affirmation.

Instead of saying a positive sentence a thousand times you literally create a mental picture in your brain, which will shift your state back into grind mode to tackle the next goal.

This not only works for money but can work for literally anything. Save good emails from your boss or a text a friend sent saying how you helped them. These wins will show you why you are literally necessary to the world and money will just create the freedom to walk in that full time.


For walking that talk you talk you can:

Get Some Accountability That Works

 It’s time to call the Glow Up Gang crew.

While it’s possible to walk this journey to greatness alone, it’s not as fun.

If you’re a person that needs the extra push when you feel yourself slipping, pick a friend or two to commit to this thing with you.

You know the invitations for the turn up will come so make a pact that you guys will balance the outings with fun (and cheaper) things like movie or game nights.

P.S. I’ve REALYYY been wanting to play this game Black Card Revoked so that may be a start, fa reals.



Trips, gifts and other rewards that make you go round

So the point of getting out of debt is not to live a miserable and dry life.

Contrary to what they try to tell you, cutting coupons for 10 packs of deodorant just isn’t the life I’m about.

I want unforgettable experiences. I want to shop it up at Topshop or indulge in a bomb restaurant by the ocean.

Doesn’t that sound legit?

Use your desire for amazing experiences to drive you to save. It’s a sacrifice but learn to be okay with missing a couple of concerts with the squad for the amazing benefits you will reap.

To do this, pick a really nice reward to yourself. For example when I knock out $13K on one of my student loans, I plan to buy a nice Michael Kors bag.

My ultimate goal is to pay my entire debt off by my 30th birthday so I’m already planning a dream trip to South Africa.

Pick your reward and work like crazy to finally experience it without guilt or having minor heart attacks when you see the damage you couldn’t afford.

To stay encouraged you can:

Stay Covered in “This Is How We Do It” Stories

The biggest thing that helps me stay focused during my massive FOMO outbursts are hearing how changing bad money (and life) habits drastically changed lives.

Taking control of finances literally allowed people to quit their awful jobs to chase their dream or donate crazy amounts to their favorite charity.

Don’t you want that freedom too?

I smother myself in these stories. Search podcasts, YouTube channels and even Instagram for people about this hustle life.

Some of favorites include:

Dave Ramsey’s debt-free screams 

The Budgetnista’s story

Tracy G (Sway in the Morning) Money Affirmation

How This Couple Paid Off $204,971.31 – Making Sense of Cents


Stop Letting FOMO Get In The Way of Your Stacks

I know it gets hard and the journey seems so confusing that you want to give up.

But here’s why you shouldn’t:

You are one step closer to freedom.

Just imagine. Now you can buy something you love without anxiously checking your bank balance. You can ditch the burden of going to work just to collect a check.

Getting control of all this is changing the game. It’s what no one else is doing and the fact that you are sticking with it shows you truly desire to see what you are made of.

You are NOT doing the most. Everyone struggles with FOMO but now you are fighting for peace and true happiness.

Isn’t that worth the sacrifice?


Why I’m Slashing Through $80K Worth of Debt in 4 Years (And TGU’s New Chapter)


You know everyone thinks I’m crazy right?

At 26 years old and finally getting into the groove of working a full time job after college, I should be living it up right now.

Traveling like I got my own jet keys. Shopping to slay my next Instagram pose.

But here I am, sitting in my aunt and uncle’s house, analyzing how every penny will knock the crap out my $80K debt loan.

$86,411.27 to be exact.

When I started to be open about how I was finally tackling this debt, of course I was hit with fake smiles and a dry “Oh, that’s awesome.” But I knew. I knew I was being judged as extreme, the most, or honestly not very realistic.

Because realistically, everybody and they mama has debt.

And being debt-free may be a cute idea, but it’s more important to live life. As least that’s what they say right?

But these people didn’t know my story. They didn’t know about the time I came home to my family sitting in the dark because we couldn’t pay the light bill. Or the pride I fought as I begged my friend to borrow money so that I could move to Las Vegas.

I hated that “I’m broke” and “I can’t afford it” became a fluent language for me.

So I didn’t wake up one day and decide I wanted to trade my social life to be a lit hermit crab. Unfortunately, I had to go through some of the biggest breakdowns in my new adult life. Snot included. (Oh, don’t you judge me).

Why I Decided to Commit to Being Debt-Free

In 2016, I sobbed on the phone like a baby while my best friend silently listened on the other end. I had just gotten off the phone with my mother who was simply worn out from fighting to stay afloat. And I wasn’t much better off.

Even with a rent payment of $845 (super fire for a one bedroom in Vegas by the way) and slaving at a second job, I was drowning in credit cards, student loans, utility payments that I forgot to pay and completely lost as to where the little money I had was going.

I’ll be straight up with you, I caused a lot of this.

I suffered from the sunken place of emotional spending, running to things when I felt myself drift into my most vulnerable and sad places (I thought we wasn’t judging?).

But I also realized that a lot of the decisions I was making was based off of my family’s struggles. Years of it.

The motto was that if we didn’t have it, we borrowed it.

So that’s what I did. With advice from my mom, I became the master at increasing credit limits. With talks from my stepdad (I call him Dad), I learned to avoid student loan collectors at all costs.

I knew that they didn’t mean to taint my view on how money worked in our lives. But out of their own desperation for survival, they looked at loans and credit as the only option to make it.

But hearing my mom’s frequent distressed voice over the phone and knowing I was thousands of miles away broke me into what would finally be enough.

Money caused pain. It tore my family apart. Money kept us all stuck in sucky situations.

Helpless and fed up, I came face to face with the green boogey man that had been following me and my family like a shadow. From the unemployment to heavy silence at the dinner table, money was always there.


I wanted to know what wealth felt like. I was tired of being envious of people who I viewed as better off than me and my family.

I can’t imagine what my friend was thinking on the phone that day because I was as low and raggedy as I could get. With determination and love that goes far beyond friendship, she sent me Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and I made a promise that I would seek habits that would change my life forever.

My Journey from $7,500 to $0 in Credit Card Loans

My first and biggest step was to kill these credit cards that I had used up to capacity since college.

As I made a lot of the sacrifices and created a real plan, I began to see the debt come down and FAST.

Read more about the process I took here.

This instantly brought my credit score up. I mean look at the difference in a year’s time:

Credit Score graph

Now On To The Big Fella

So for the rest of the year I will be focusing solely on my smallest student loan which is $15,000.

Splitting that money between 8 months (May-December), I realized that I would need an extra $600 each paycheck (on top of the debt snowball) to get this out of the way.

Money, debt free

I have been hustling like a child of Rick Ross, ya’ll. From freelance writing to picking up an extra job at Michael Kors, I’m started to become so creative in the ways I make money to reach that $600 goal.

And when you give yourself no other option but to succeed, that creativity tends to come out in ways that may surprise you.

When you give yourself no other option but to succeed, creativity comes in surprising ways. Click To Tweet

Now I won’t lie to you, it sucks. BAD.

But the discipline and mental victories that I am winning against my bad habits are setting me up for life. I’m trying to be completely debt-free before my 30th birthday in four years.

My Plans With The Glow Up

Because of the ridiculously amazing response from my post on becoming debt-free, I realized that money was just as taboo as sex or weight gain. It was the big elephant in the room that you knew most people struggled with behind closed doors but wouldn’t DARE say so out loud.

Especially because we have to make sure our friends believe the lie that our post-grad life is poppin.

It ain’t though. It fizzed out a long time ago and is flat and passionless.

SO, I have decided to transition TGU into becoming a 20-something’s money and life survival guide. I realized on this journey that if we burn the binding contract that we have with debt we can begin to take risks and really run towards what we were created to do.

But don’t expect me to be in a suit and kitten heels (Issa no for me dog). We will still discuss that realness. We will still be litty. Because quite honestly there isn’t a resource that makes money cool for people like you and I. And I still have so many stories and lessons that I need to unload on you.

Debt Free, Student Loans

Can I be honest?

I’m scared. The girl who struggles with money is going to teach others about money? Well that’s dumb.

But I am so passionate about this ya’ll. I’m ready for us to be millionaires by 35 and doing all the things we’ve secretly wanted to.

I’m thankful for the struggle. I’m thankful for my parents’ sacrifices. I’m thankful that this hasn’t been easy.

So I’ll leave you with this quote that totally rocks my world:

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”

– Nelson Mandela

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will - Nelson Mandela Click To Tweet

Are you ready to afford your dream life? I know I am.

Tell me your biggest struggle with money in the comments and let’s get debt-free, homies.

You got this, we got this. Let’s glow.

Alaina <3