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So I've been trying to write the post for like an hour but Beyonce' dropped that new Formation video and completely stole it from me. I'm so glad she did though because it seriously relates to this post that I had planned on writing anyway. Last week, I was so overwhelmed because I just have all these goals and dreams and sometimes I feel like i'm not getting anywhere. Usually when these emotions happen I completely quit and kind of let life takeover. I begin to doubt my abilities and listen to those whispers in my head that i'm not good enough and that all that I dream to be will be just that...a dream. Well this week I did some soul searching and with prayer, The Bible, good friends & family, and just alone time I realized that I needed to slow down and just live. Not survive but truly live. I've always heard that life is not a race but a marathon but before this week I was living like I was in a 200m dash.