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So Snapchat is literally the devil. Okay not quite but it - along with pretty much every social site - can get you a one way ticket to In Your Feelings, USA with no return real fast. This happened to me over the weekend and it was ALL my fault so even as I'm writing this I'm laughing hysterically at the trap I set myself up in. On Saturday I was casually scrolling the app looking at different stories of my usual friends. Suddenly, HIS story came into view. Now who is he? Just a guy I really liked and we sorta, not really had this thing but one day he went ghost on me and just stopped all communication. We loveee when that happens right? Let's call him Casper No Friendly and get back to the dilemma So Casper No Friendly's story suddenly appeared on my feed and instantly my heart started beating. I felt like those movies where the character has the good and bad angel on each side of their shoulder. One of my angels was saying "ALAINA do not open his snap. I repeat do not open his snap because you know it will be bad," while the other angle whispered "What's the worst that can happen? Just open it this one time." So after much deliberation I quickly clicked it like a bad child touching a stove and...FACKKKK he was on a date! (at least that's what the first 2.333 seconds of it had me assume which by the way is a bad bad thing to do. NEVER assume people.) Oh why did you do that Alaina? Why did you listen to bad angel when you knew nothing good was coming from it. So there I was sitting on my floor, hair uncombed and in that dreaded place I hated to go...my feelings.