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Let's face it...as a whole our society is extremely lazy. For the most part, anything that we desire we can get with the touch of an app, a minute on the microwave or a quick click on that shopping site that will have our new Colourpop lipstick at our door in 3 days. We hate to admit it but we LOATHE effort. Not brush your hair so it looks decent effort but the ability to say that we are going to do something and stick to it no matter what. This often comes up in our goals. We settle for mediocre relationships,bodies, jobs and ultimately dreams because the thought of actually waiting for more than a year is as painful as paying for shipping and handling (and I HATE paying for shipping and handling). I'm going to admit that I have suffered a great deal of what I call the Popcorn Syndrome - settling for less or quitting because you rather have it quick and easy to look good to all the people that could give two craps about you. Think about it. People are in these streets buying Instagram followers. INSTAGRAM. To me that's as desperate as you can get to wanting to be relevant.